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Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung Appenzell

The Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung Appenzell is the representative body of the Kunstmuseum / Kunsthalle Appenzell. The Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle pursue a distinctive quality policy and are to acquire the reputation of being important promotion centres for talented artists as well as places of in-depth examination of fine and other art. The Foundation also presents events from other cultural disciplines, especially music.

With the Kunstmuseum and the Kunsthalle Appenzell, the Foundation aims to promote fine and other art of high quality and to maintain and raise awareness of the artistic works of Carl August Liner and Carl Walter Liner. The Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung Appenzell strives for an exhibition programme with broad appeal and is committed to the following focal points, including publications: Works by the two artists Carl August and Carl Walter Liner; works by other artists, where possible together or in juxtaposition with works by Liner father and son; works from the collection of the founder Heinrich Gebert; works by the partner foundation Fondazione Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach; promotion of young or little-known artists; presentation of high-quality art, primarily from the 20th century onwards, in a way that complements the museum programme of the major museums. In addition, it aims to promote culture in the region.

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