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Zora Berweger

Greeting the Unseen

29 October 2023 – 14 April 2024 / Kunsthalle


The artist­ic prac­tice of Zora Ber­weger (*1981, Bern, CH, lives and works in Leipzig, DE) in­cludes paint­ing, draw­ing, ceram­ics, in­stall­a­tion, sculp­ture, pho­to­graphy and light. Her mul­ti­me­dia works draw on a vocab­u­lary of basic geo­met­ric forms, ar­cha­ic-look­ing ob­jects and a design bor­rowed from nature.

With min­im­al meth­ods and pre­cise ma­ter­i­al­isa­tion, Zora Ber­weger stages her works as spa­tial set­tings. She ex­am­ines the ex­hib­i­tion site like a pictori­al space; plays with scale, con­stel­la­tions or dis­place­ments and relates the dif­fer­ent media. Pe­cu­li­ar­it­ies of bod­ies, sur­faces and ma­ter­i­al­ity unite in her works with the per­cep­tion of light and col­our and thus ac­quire an altered pres­ence. In­spired by the spa­tial con­di­tions of the Kun­sthalle Ap­pen­zell, a dia­logue of works, ma­ter­i­als and space emerges in which the in­di­vidu­al ele­ments com­mu­nic­ate and re­veal re­la­tion­ships in terms of con­tent and form.

Cur­ated by Stefanie Gschwend