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Liz Craft

Between You and Me

29 October 2023 – 25 February 2024 / Kunstmuseum


Cali­for­ni­an artist Liz Craft (*1970, Los Angeles, USA, lives and works in Ber­lin, D) cre­ates sculp­tures and fig­ur­at­ive in­stall­a­tions that stand like frag­ments in space and seem to tell stor­ies whose dreamy at­mo­sphere can be as­so­ci­ated with sur­real­ism, fairy tales or drug hal­lu­cin­a­tions. She makes use of nu­mer­ous pop cul­ture ref­er­ences, which are com­posed of im­agery from B-movies, west­ern or hor­ror films, or are re­min­is­cent of com­ics or the back­drops of amuse­ment parks. In her work, the artist often lifts fig­ures such as witches, uni­corns, mo­tor­cyc­lists, pir­ates or death out of their con­texts and quotes, ex­ag­ger­ates and con­denses them. Her form­al lan­guage has an im­me­di­ate ef­fect, whereby tech­niques and ma­ter­i­als are com­bined without hier­archy and range from fab­ric, plastic, glass and papi­er-mâché to syn­thet­ic resin, ceram­ics and bronze.

Cur­ated by Paul-Aymar Mourgued' Algue and Stefanie Gschwend

The ex­hib­i­tion is or­gan­ised in co­oper­a­tion with the Kun­sthaus Centre d'art Pasquart in Biel / Bi­enne.